Online payment service of municipal parking for businesses in UAE
Forget about unpaid parking fines, accounting in Excel, and paper accounting documents. We save fleet managers, accountants, and drivers up to 40% of their time spent on expense processing
Single corporate
parking account
Mobile app for drivers
Detailed reports
for fleet managers
A personal manager
who will solve all issues
Our clients
More than 5,000 dirhams of monthly savings on city parking fines
Parkomatica for business gives you
With the Parkomatica service, funds to pay for municipal parking are debited from a single corporate parking account. Drivers no longer need to think about how to pay for parking, accountants, or submitting reports, and fleet managers don’t have to worry about monitoring expenses or setting limits.
A single parking bill for the entire fleet
Cost reporting always available in your personal account
Answer the questions so we can advise you how to reduce parking and maintenance costs
Thank you for answering the questions. To receive special terms for connecting to the service, please leave your contact details below so a manager can reach you.
How many vehicles in your fleet usually use paid municipal parking?
How much do you spend on average for parking sessions per month?
How do your drivers currently pay for municipal parking
What method of payment would be most convenient for you?
Your employees will initiate, monitor, and complete parking sessions via an iOS or Android mobile app.
Mobile App
Manage your fleet. Monitor parking in real time, manage lists of drivers and cars, view and export reports.
Monitor and optimize expenses from the very first month
The parking payment process is automated through our app.
Save 20% of drivers’ time
Parkomatica will help you effectively manage resources, employees, and vehicles.
Save 40% of fleet managers’ time
Reduce the number
of parking fines to zero
Save 30% of accountants’ time
Parkomatica takes care of creating advance reports, collecting checks, and compensating expenses via mobile banking services.
Park with Parkomatica
for the first month without a subscription fee.
We will help you quickly create a budget based on expenses from previous periods
To allow you to evaluate all of the service’s advantages, we waive the commission for the first month! Just download the app and park.
Fleet statistics in your online personal account. Flexible, customizable notification system for each vehicle
Fleet Management Center: additional benefits
Vehicle and Driver Reports
Get up-to-date information about the condition of a vehicle before assigning it to a driver. This module records a vehicle’s mileage and history, as well as photos of external damage for each car
Vehicle Inspection and Delivery
This amazing person will solve all your issues related to the service and always be in touch by mail or phone
Personal Manager
and Technical Support
This module allows you to task drivers with arriving at an address by a certain time and monitor the assignment’s execution
Assignments for Drivers
Personal Manager and Technical Support
How to start using our service: 4 steps
The first step is online registration for the Parkomatica service. To do this, you need to enter information about your company or leave a request for consultation
After consultation and conclusion of a contract, you get access to a personal account with a simple and intuitive interface. You can immediately add your company’s drivers and vehicles either manually or by uploading this information in an Excel document
Top up a single corporate account in Parkomatica from which parking will be paid. Or pay one bill for incurred parking expenses at the end of the month
Seamless operation
Now parking payments will be smooth, and reporting will be seamless. All information on parking and fines is visible in your personal account
We will be happy to consult with you
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